Halo�4: Infinity Challenge

Grand Prizes


*XBOX Live Gold membership is required to participate.


How it works

War Games

WAR GAMES is the competitive multiplayer mode that takes place on the UNSC Infinity. Compete in the Infinity Challenge playlist quick match to build your score.

Spartan Ops

SPARTAN OPS is a seperate story-centric multiplayer campaign. Actively play in any chapter to build the number of games you complete & work your way up the leaderboard.


Each week there will be unique challenges posted and it's a race to complete them in order to win the HALO�4 prizes.

  • How do I take part in the Halo 4 Infinity Challenge?

    Simply register and then start competing within the Leaderboard Challengeof your own choice. Your score will be tracked on the War Games leaderboardsand the number of games you complete will be tracked on the Spartan Opsleaderboards from the day you sign-up.

    Once you sign-up you will automatically be eligible for the War GamesLeaderboard, Spartan Ops Leaderboard and the Weekly Challenges.

  • How long does this challenge run?

    The Halo 4 Infinity Challenge has a qualifier period running from Dec17, 2012 to Jan 10, 2013 and a finals period from Jan 12, 2013 to Jan 19,2013

  • How does the Qualifier Leaderboard period work?

    During the qualifier period you gain rank on the leaderboards by playingin War Games quick matches or Spartan Ops Chapters to increase your scoreor complete games for their respective leaderboard. Players rank up withinthe leaderboards to get into either one of the three tiers.

    Tiers have been setup to split up players during the finals and give outprizing to players of all levels, from rookies to full blown elites.

  • How do Finals Leaderboards work?

    Once the Qualifier Leaderboards are finished, players get placed intoa tier depending on their rank.. From Jan 12, 2013 to Jan 19, 2013 playersthen compete against players with-in their tier to rank up to win prizing.

    Finals competition is played exactly like Qualifier Leaderboard whereyou play War Games quick matches or Spartan Ops Chapters to increase scoreor number of games completed for the respective leaderboard. Note thatscore are reset to zero for the finals so that everyone in the tier hasa fresh start to win.

  • How does the tiering system work?

    The tiering system has been built into the tournament to allow for playersof all skill levels to get an opportunity to get in on the great prizing.

    During the qualifier period, the player's rank gets them into a certaintier. Players then compete against other gamers within their own tier duringthe finals period in order to qualify to win prizes. Each tier has itsown prizing allotted to it. To see what prizing can be won, go to the prizing page

    The tiers are broken down as such:

    • a.Tier 1: Consisting of the top 10% of players competing
    • b.Tier 2: Consisting of the next 11-40% of players competing
    • c.Tier 3: Consisting of the bottom 60% of players competing
  • How do I know which tier I am in?

    Your current tier placement is listed on the leaderboard. Simply searchyour name on the leaderboard you are competing for and you will get a resultshowing your Rank, score or Number of Games Completed and also your currenttier. Remember that you can only be in one tier per leaderboard.

    If you want to know what score or how many more completed games you needin order to get into the next tier, simply look at the Tier Info boxes,which will tell you what score is needed. Note that this information isupdated every 24 hours and will change based on activity of other players.

    Tiers are locked after the Qualifier Periods end on Jan 10, 2013.

  • Can I compete in both War Games and Spartan Ops Leaderboards?


  • How do I know if I have won?

    After the finals have ended on Jan 19, 2013, we will be updating the leaderboardwith the final standings and will have all of the winners announced onhalo4infinitychallenge.com and contacted via email. Virgin Gaming willalso be announcing winners on Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to Likeand Follow to stay up to date.

  • HELP! I can't see myself on the leaderboard.

    There are several reasons you may not see yourself on the leaderboardand it all depends on your situation.

    1. You may not see yourself on the leaderboard if you haven't registeredfor the challenge. In order to have your score count towards the leaderboardchallenge, you will have to sign-up. It's simple and easy to do, so ifyou haven't yet. DO IT!
    2. You may have been banned from the tournament for infringing upon the tournament,Xbox Live or Halo 4 terms and conditions.
    3. You may have spelled your gamertag incorrectly, characters are case sensitive.
  • I just completed the Weekly challenge, how do I know if I won?

    Winners are announced at the start of the next week. Only the first 20people to complete the challenge will win the prize pack for that weeklychallenge. We will also be announcing weekly winners on our social channelsso be sure to Follow us on Twitter and Like our Facebook page to get upto the minute information.

  • How often are the leaderboards updated?

    The Spartan Ops and War Games leaderboards will be updated every 24 hoursin order to show you your current position, generally by 12:00pm EST.

  • How do I increase my score on the leaderboards?

    You play more and play better to gain more score.

    War Games Leaderboard:

    Compete in the Infinity Challenge playlist quick match you will earn ascore for all the points you gain from matches completed. The score iscalculated on leaderboards from the day you sign-up.

    Spartan Ops Leaderboard:

    Complete any Spartan Ops chapters and the games you complete will counttowards your leaderboard standings. You can play any Chapter more thanonce and it will count towards your leaderboard score. All games completedis calculated towards the leaderboards from December 17, 2012 or the dayyou sign-up if you sign up after the tournament begins.

  • I play Spartan Ops with my friends, will the games I complete count towards the leaderboard?

    Yes. All online co-op games completed within the Spartan Ops Chapterswill count towards the Spartan Ops leaderboard.

  • Does playing Spartan Ops offline count towards the Leaderboards as well?

    No. Only matches competed in online co-op will count towards the leaderboard.You must also actively compete in the chapter in order to have it validate.Any matches played in idle will not count.

  • If I play War Games with a party of my friends, will my score count towards the leaderboard?

    As long as you are playing a quick match with-in the Infinity ChallengePlaylist, your scorewill count towards the leaderboard. Note that customgame matches will not count towards the leaderboard.

  • I just won a Weekly Challenge/Leaderboard prize, how will I receive it?

    After the tournament completes all winners will receive an email detailingwhat their next steps are in getting their prize. All emails will be sentto your LIVE email address. We also reserve the right to ID winners atour discretion and refuse prizing to any players we find to be cheating,colluding and/or underage.

  • I still have questions. Who can I contact?

    Any questions that you may have that were not answered on this FAQ orthe How It Works on the leaderboard pages can be directed to Virgin gaming,the Tournament Sponsor at support@virgingaming.com